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With so many demands on your money, it is difficult to put away cash for a rainy day. Unexpected expenses such as blown head gasket, transmission failure, or another emergency car repair can put you in a real bind. A protective auto warranty can take the worry out of car maintenance. For a manageable monthly payment, auto warranty services provide assurance that a major mechanical failure will not break the bank or send you scrambling for a ride to work and a way to get the kids to and from practice.

If you purchased your car brand new from the dealership or direct from the factory, the manufacturer included a warranty. It probably covers the first six to 10 years and/or 60,000 to 100,000 miles. The warranty was included “free of charge” (the cost folded into the purchase price), so you didn’t have to evaluate whether you needed an auto warranty or even whether the one you received was worth the cost. Car companies offer auto warranties on their new vehicles to show confidence in their quality and, quite frankly, because there is relatively little chance that a major vehicle system will fail in the first few years of ownership that the warranties cover.

Many carmakers and dealerships offer extended warranties or “service contracts” at the time of purchase. These tack on additional years and/or mileage limits beyond the term of the standard warranty. They usually cover the same components as the original equipment warranty, either power train systems – engine and transmission – or “bumper to bumper” parts including onboard computers, electronics, and navigation systems

Extended Warranty Advantages

Often it is more important to cover big repair bills as your car gets older. By comparing auto warranty rates on the Auto Protectors website, you can get an auto warranty for a fraction of the cost of a monthly car payment. Auto Protectors has partnered with the best auto warranty companies in the nation to provide a convenient, one-stop location for shopping. Simply answer a few questions about your vehicle and the kind of protective auto warranty you are looking for. Auto Protectors will search the auto warranty companies in our database and return several affordable rates that match your needs. You decide which of the best auto warranty offers to pursue. We will give you the contact information so you can follow up with the companies and warranty plans that you like best.

Auto warranty services like those offered by the top third-party companies featured on Auto Protectors can save you money over dealership and manufacturers’ extended warranties. Because aftermarket auto warranty companies are not affiliated with auto manufacturers, they are not limited in the types of coverage they can offer. And because they compete with each other for your business, they are incentivized to customize warranty plans that accommodate a range of car owner’s financial, lifestyle, and ownership demands. It pays to shop around!

Your first decision is whether you need and want a warranty at all. For instance, if your car is new enough that it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, there’s no need to buy another one through our site. If you are sure that you could pay a major repair bill (a new transmission can cost $5,000 or more) without causing undue hardship on your family, you can skip paying warranty premiums. And if your car is so old or in bad shape that it would be more advantageous to buy a new car rather than fix your next mechanical issue, there’s no point in warrantying your jalopy.

How Much You Will Pay

For everyone else, however, it is at least worth a couple minutes of your time to check out the benefits the best auto warranty companies in the U.S. can deliver. To get the best auto warranty for your situation, here are some things to keep in mind as you compare the coverage options and price ranges Auto Protectors’ partners offer:

  • Cost – Auto warranties are basically insurance and as such, their cost is a combination of two factors: premium and deductible. The premium is the monthly or annual payment you make Deductible is the maximum you pay for each repair. Lower payments usually require higher deductibles, and vice-versa.
  • Coverage – As noted above, auto warranty companies create a variety of products in an effort to attract as wide a customer base as possible. Many offer powertrain and bumper-to-bumper coverage similar to manufacturers’ extended warranties as well as more specialized warranties that pay for various components.
  • Term – Companies will tailor warranties to run from a year to several years. They generally also place mileage limits on the warranties of around 12,000 miles per year. A three-year/36,000-mile warranty on a vehicle with 80,000 miles would expire in three years or when the odometer reaches 116,000, whichever comes first.
  • Car characteristics – Warranties on older models usually cost more than those on newer models, reflecting the greater likelihood of mechanical problems. Luxury, sports, and exotic cars often incur higher premiums and deductibles, as well.
  • Extras – Some warranties may include additional features that reimburse you for problems caused by car repairs. These may include the cost of renting a car while yours is in the shop or even paying you back for hotel rooms you don’t use if your road trip is cancelled by a mechanical failure.

Like any form of insurance, the best auto warranty is one you will never use. Invoking a warranty means paying out-of-pocket for the deductible and potential other costs such as ride share, taxis, and car rental, as well as dealing with the inconvenience of living without your wheels for a time. The auto warranty companies on the Auto Protectors site sell peace of mind, as the costs involved in using a warranty are far less burdensome than even one major mechanical malfunction.

Take a look around our site. Try our rate comparison services. What do you have to lose, besides the worry over potentially devastating auto repair bills?