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Shopping for auto insurance agencies, protective auto warranties, and car loan refinancing can get confusing. With agents, vendors, and lenders offering a variety of terms and conditions, it can take forever just to obtain a quote from a single website. Entering your contact information, not to mention your age, marital status, and other information on website after website is a recipe for monotony.

There must be a better way. Now there is. Introducing Auto Protectors.

We unbiasedly aggregate offers from the top companies in the United States that offer a variety of rates and coverages tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to compare the best rates available based on your budget and lifestyle – all from the comfort of your own home and all in one place. We make it easy to compare auto insurance premiums, find the best auto warranty for your situation, and the most secure the most attractive auto loan refinance rates. Our service is free and available 24/7.

Just answer a few simple questions, and a few mouse clicks later, we will display several insurance providers, warranty companies, or refinance options that fit the requirements you input. From there, it’s just a matter of picking and few and contacting them for free quotes.

Multiple Benefits

When you trust Auto Protectors to assist you in your finding the most affordable and most comprehensive rates for safeguarding and paying for your car, truck, or van, you know you will be receiving terrific benefits:

  • Comprehensive options – Auto Protectors partners with dozens of the most respected names in the auto insurance, warranty, and refinance industry.
  • Industry-best rates – The companies represented here know they are competing for your business, so they present their top offers.
  • No-hassle quotes – Auto Protectors takes the drudgery out of finding coverage and financing. No more surfing from carrier to carrier and entering the same information over and over.
  • Impartial recommendations – Our platform suggests compatible providers based solely on the guidelines you enter. We are not affiliated with any of the insurance, warranty, or refinance companies we connect you with.
  • Solid advice – Our site contains hype-free information on ways you can reduce your monthly car payment, lower your insurance premiums, and other auto-related content.
  • Zero obligation – The Auto Protectors site is free to use. We will connect you with the services you need, but there is no requirement to purchase from the companies we recommend.
  • Confidence in your decision – You will rest easy knowing you did your part to find the best insurance, warranty, and refinance rates available. Performing your due diligence with Auto Protectors means never having to think, “What if?”

Getting the Most from Auto Protectors
Using Auto Protectors is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

First, enter your personal details and preferences. Auto Protectors will compare this information to the services each of our auto insurance, warranty, or refinance partners provide and the types of customers they are best equipped to help. Our decision engine will return the best matches.

Next, you review the results, selecting the rates, customer service approaches, and specific benefits that solve your needs. You decide which to pursue and how you would like your candidates to make contact to share more information and help you sign up.

Then sit back and enjoy the cost savings and the comfort in knowing that a major accident or car repair bill won’t devastate your finances. Auto Protectors offers these tips for finding the best match:

  • Car insurance – Each auto insurance agency scores car models, residential neighborhoods, driving histories, education levels, and other characteristics to evaluate the accident risk each driver poses. The higher the risk, the higher the insurance premiums. But while similar, the algorithms insurance companies use to make their rate determinations for various classes of drivers are unique to each. For instance, one might give more credit to drivers who are married while another penalizes younger drivers less than the industry average. That’s why it is important to compare rates on Auto Protectors, where the rate offers are all based on the same information you input.
  • Warranties – Like insurance, car warranties differ in which mechanical breakdowns they cover, the amount of their deductibles, and their monthly premiums. Many offer tiered coverages with higher monthly payments placing more mechanical systems under warranty. Depending on your confidence in your car, your budget, and your risk tolerance, you will find warranty offers on Auto Protectors that include a menu of possible benefits such as length of the coverage term, maximum payouts, mileage restrictions, claims process, and more.
  • Refinancing – Companies offering vehicle refinancing can help you save hundreds on your monthly payment and/or allow you to pay off your car loan more quickly. If overall interest rates have fallen since you took out your original loan, or if your credit rating has improved over the life of your current loan, refinancing could significantly lower your interest rate. Again, with multiple lenders competing for your business on Auto Protectors, you can expect strong offers and multiple companies seeking to help.

Auto Protectors provides accurate, real-time terms and rates directly from the insurers, warrantors, and refinancers represented on our site. They provide us with the latest information and appreciate your shopping through Auto Protectors. The companies vying for your business on this site do so voluntarily. Like you, they reap several advantages. They benefit from Auto Protectors’ reputation as an objective purveyor of information. The opportunity to place their best rates here gives them access to people like you who are actively seeking the products and services they sell. Our partner companies’ marketing and product development teams also learn valuable lessons that help them refine their strategies. and better offers and develop more precise service levels.

Thank you for visiting Auto Protectors. Let the savings begin!